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NO motorcycle or bike riding experience necessary.
NO clubs to join. NO dues to pay. NO membership fees. NO rules. Only some gray hair to be eligible.

It's all about attitude and comradery. It's about feeling good and still looking cool and macho even though we are getting older now and turning gray. The Gray Knights Motorcycle Club is a fictitious motorcycle club for graying fifty plus old geezers and baby boomers who are are that awkward age, some call a mid life crisis, and refuse to grow old gracefully. The Club's motto is "Adventure Before Dementia." No motorcycle or bike riding experience is actually necessary... only a good sense of humor and some gray hair. It's basically a fashion statement for aging boomers like myself who want to hold on to their lost youth. If the T-shirts and concept catches on, I'll produce some more gear, maybe some patches,  and possibly form chapters. Everyone who buys a T-Shirt and sends me their picture wearing it, will get posted here.

Send your photo to

Lone Wolf Riders Welcome

Gray Knight Gear - Old Guys Rule.

Gray Knights Shirt printed 2 sides
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Gray Knights Basic T-Shirt
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Gray Knights Zip Hoodie
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"Let's get ready to rumble geezers."


wearing my Gray Knights T-Shirt and I will post it here.
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Gray Knight Member Photos

David R. Pearse, Forth Worth, Texas (3/19/13)

Welcome Kerry Charves our newest Gray Knights member.

Posted: 2/22/12. Welcome Walt Killops from Folsom, California.

Posted: 2/20/12. Welcome Wayne (Bull) from Qld Austraila

Posted: 2/1/12. Welcome Mark. The newest GK member from Qld Australia.

Don Remley aka Trikerdon of Bremerton, WA

Welcome newest member Vel Leslie from Suquamish, WA.

Bob Lake (Gray Dog) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Michael Principato Founder, New York

Aussie Paul Bradstreet
Margaret River, W. Australia

Don Boerem
New York

Jack Lannen


Bob Lake (Grey Dog)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Don Remley aka Trikerdon Bremerton, WA

Vel Leslie
Suquamish, WA

Qld Australia

Wayne (Bull)
Qld Australia

Walt Killops
Folsom, California

Paul Bradstreet and the missus doing a little PR work for The Gray Knights. Paul is currently on a
22 city tour of Canada, Alaska, U.S. Mainland and off to Mexico next week. Thanks for the pics Paul.


Vintage '85 Paris-Dakar Honda XLV750R

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