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 April 13, 2013


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cartoon - two old timers playing golf
Viagra Boy
senior citizen and santa claus
Cartoon - I want to hear your heart! Cartoon - Senior citizen practical jokes. Cartoon - Viagra works for me..
Cartoon - Exercise i s good for old folks Cartoon - Hooker with senior citizen rates Cartoon - Gravity sets in Cartoon - Old man showing off erection
Cartoon 3 rules of getting older Cartoon image006.jpg (21204 bytes) Didn't save anything for retirement Cartoon - Car wash
Senior citizen cartoon Cartoon - You look a lot better today Ralph Pension Plans.jpg (29038 bytes) image005.jpg (21808 bytes) Funny cartoon - retirement planning
Grandma and Grandpa - clap on cartoon Cartoon where old man puts seat belt on his wife Old couple fighting in bed Old lady cartoon. Talks about getting older